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Stefano Mariani

Post Doc
Post Doc
Bioinspired Soft Robotics
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Stefano Mariani graduated in Chemical Science in 2011 with the highest honors and received a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Science in 2015 (University of Florence) on the development of hybrid DNA/Nanoparticles molecular building for optical biosensing. In 2015 he moved to the Department of Information Engineering (University of Pisa) focusing his research on the design, fabrication, characterization, and surface chemistry of inorganic and organic porous material for (bio)sensing, biomedical, photonic/plasmonic, and electronic applications. Since 2020 he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Bioinspired Soft Robotics Lab of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT, CCT@Morego, Genova), focusing his research on the development of stimuli-responsive (nano)composites for soft robotics.

During his research activity, he collaborated with 17 research groups from 17 institutions and 6 different countries.  He has participated in 6 research projects (2 national projects of the Italian Minister for University and Research (MIUR) and 4 European projects). He is the author of 35 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals in the field of Chemistry, Engineering, and Material Science.