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Brancadoro M., Dimitri M., Boushaki M.N., Staderini F., Sinibaldi E., Capineri L., Cianchi F., Biffi Gentili G., Menciassi A.
A novel microwave tool for robotic liver resection in minimally invasive surgery
Minimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies, vol. 31, (no. 1), pp. 42-49
Article Journal
Meder F., Murali Babu S.P., Mazzolai B.
A plant tendril-like soft robot that grasps and anchors by exploiting its material arrangement
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
Makvandi P., Maleki A., Shabani M., Hutton A.R.J., Kirkby M., Jamaledin R., Fang T., He J., Lee J., Mazzolai B., Donnelly R.F., Tay F.R., Chen G., Mattoli V.
Bioinspired microneedle patches: Biomimetic designs, fabrication, and biomedical applications
Matter, vol. 5, (no. 2), pp. 390-429
Review Journal
Adamatzky A., Ayres P., Beasley A.E., Chiolerio A., Dehshibi M.M., Gandia A., Albergati E., Mayne R., Nikolaidou A., Roberts N., Tegelaar M., Tsompanas M.-A., Phillips N., Wosten H.A.B.
Fungal electronics
BioSystems, vol. 212
Zullo L., Di Clemente A., Maiole F.
How octopus arm muscle contractile properties and anatomical organization contribute to the arm functional specialization
Journal of Experimental Biology
Article in Press Journal
Carmignani A., Battaglini M., Sinibaldi E., Marino A., Vighetto V., Cauda V., Ciofani G.
In Vitro and Ex Vivo Investigation of the Effects of Polydopamine Nanoparticle Size on Their Antioxidant and Photothermal Properties: Implications for Biomedical Applications
ACS Applied Nano Materials, vol. 5, (no. 1), pp. 1702-1713
Gutnick T., Zullo L., Hochner B., Kuba M.J.
Protocol for controlled behavioral testing of octopuses using a single-arm tactile discrimination two-choice task
STAR Protocols, vol. 3, (no. 1)
Article Journal
Cecchini L., Chiolerio A.
Reply to Comment on 'The magnetic body force in ferrofluids'
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 55, (no. 12)
Note Journal
Pane S., Faoro G., Sinibaldi E., Iacovacci V., Menciassi A.
Ultrasound Acoustic Phase Analysis Enables Robotic Visual-Servoing of Magnetic Microrobots
IEEE Transactions on Robotics
Article Journal
Khorsandi D., Fahimipour A., Abasian P., Saber S.S., Seyedi M., Ghanavati S., Ahmad A., De Stephanis A.A., Taghavinezhaddilami F., Leonova A., Mohammadinejad R., Shabani M., Mazzolai B., Mattoli V., Tay F.R., Makvandi P.
3D and 4D printing in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery: Printing techniques, materials, and applications
Acta Biomaterialia, vol. 122, pp. 26-49
Review Journal
Chiolerio A., Adamatzky A.
Acetobacter Biofilm: Electronic Characterization and Reactive Transduction of Pressure
ACS Biomaterial Science and Engineering, vol. 7, (no. 4), pp. 1651-1662
Fan J., Visentin F., Del Dottore E., Mazzolai B.
An image-based method for the morphological analysis of tendrils with 2d piece-wise clothoid approximation model
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 12413 LNAI, pp. 68-79
Conference Paper Book Series
Giordano G., Carlotti M., Mazzolai B.
A Perspective on Cephalopods Mimicry and Bioinspired Technologies toward Proprioceptive Autonomous Soft Robots
Advanced Materials Technologies
Di Clemente A., Maiole F., Bornia I., Zullo L.
Beyond muscles: role of intramuscular connective tissue elasticity and passive stiffness in octopus arm muscle function
Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. 224, (no. 22), pp. 1-9
Meder F., Armiento S., Naselli G.A., Thielen M., Speck T., Mazzolai B.
Biohybrid generators based on living plants and artificial leaves: Influence of leaf motion and real wind outdoor energy harvesting
Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, vol. 16, (no. 5)

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